The Best Falafel and Gyro in the Bay Area

Falafel Fresh is a small but mighty, quick service restaurant, bringing to you the most delicious falafel & gyro sandwiches
FALAFEL 101 Our Menu

Falafel is a fried ball or patty made from spiced chickpeas and fava beans. Falafel is a popular form of fast food in the Middle East.

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Our menu is simple and is based on healthy, fresh and affordable food. Our famous falafel sandwich is made with organic, fresh-baked pita bread filled with crispy, handmade falafel balls.

Our falafel balls are made from chickpeas, a vitamin-rich legume, filled with proteins, minerals and vitamin B. We blend our chickpeas with fresh herbs and spices and fry them in zero trans-fat canola oil.

All of our salads and sauces are freshly prepared using carefully selected ingredients to ensure superior quality and freshness.